5 Ways to Enjoy a Nile River Cruise

Going on a cruise on the River Nile is on a lot of people’s wish list. That’s not surprising. For many travelers, Egypt is the land of mystery. There are colorful bazaars, old temples, and the Sphinx. The sight of the world-famous pyramids and the air redolent with sand and dust never fail to amaze travelers at heart and transport them to sights and sounds gone by.

If you’ve set your heart on going on a Nile River cruise, here are a few tips to remember.

Pick a tour agency

Don’t use a DIY approach, not if you want to experience the Nile like a local. There are plenty of tour agencies like Nile Cruisers that provide you with a much more intimate and comfortable experience so check out the options we offer.

Choose a tour package

A Nile River cruise tour package can help you cover a lot of ground in less time. Whether you have an entire week or two or just a few days in your itinerary, a trip that’s already been planned by pros can be the ideal way to see the Nile up close.

Discuss it

Some tour operators may be willing to provide you with a customized itinerary so don’t hesitate to ask. Tell them sights you want to cover during the trip. They may be able to accommodate the changes to give you and the rest of your tour group the adventure you want.

Pack right

Be sure to pack the right clothes for the trip. This will largely depend on the date and time you picked for the tour. However, even during the summer, it’s best to be conservative about your choice of clothes. Women, in particular, must not wear very skimpy shorts or see through clothing, the Cruise Critic says. They must have their legs and upper arms covered at all times. Following these customs will keep you and your companions from standing out and prevent any negative attention coming your way.


If you go during the hot months, it’s important that you keep yourself hydrated. Buy a ton of bottled water from local merchants and bring along a water bottle everywhere you go. That’s going to help you keep your strength up and avoid getting dehydrated from the heat.

These tips should help you enjoy your trip to one of the fascinating places in the world. Get started by checking out our tour packages today.