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Western Desert (Oases)


Who doesn't know about the Nile Valley with the Pyramids and Valley of the Kings, or the Eastern Egypt with Western Desert and the Red Sea? Less know about the New destination in Egypt, which is: the Western Desert and it's Oases. This desert was previously called the Libyan Desert and covers an area of 680'000 square kilometers - or two third of Egypt. As it's hard to understand this size by numbers alone, let us mention that this area is equal to a combined size of these seven countries; Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland! In east lies Ramla El Kebir (The Great Sand Sea), a huge area of moving sand dunes where nobody should even think about venturing without the best possible expertise and team. South of Ramla El Kebir is Gilf Kebir - a mountain plateau with numerous valleys. The size of Gilf Kebir is about the size of Switzerland.

There are 7 oasis communities of 'main importance' among a handful of smaller places. Getting to the oases is straightforward. There are good roads and plenty of public transportation that costs next to nothing compared with Western price levels.

The oases are famed for their numerous mineral and sulphur-rich springs, distinguished by their unique chemical composition which places them at a high level world-wide. In addition, the silt contained in these wells has numerous curative properties for the treatment of bone, stomach, chest and skin ailments. Most of the wells are found in the Fayoum, Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariya and Siwa Oases as well as in the Qattara Depression.

The Western Desert is another land of history and beauty. The desert with its oases abounds in legends. Pharaohs, Kings, Warriors and explorers have all visited this remarkable of silent desert, fertile oases, and treasures.

Western Desert Sightseeing
Siwa Oasis
Bahariya Oasis Farafra Oasis
Dakhla Oasis
Kharga Oasis  
Western Desert Gallery
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